Text 13 Nov 4 notes

I am so full
And there is no more room
When I was first diagnosed with my Digestive Disorder
I admit
That so many times
I did push the limits
(And my digestive tract)  

I ate because…I was hungry
I ate because…it was a habit
I ate because…I couldn’t accept my illness

But now,
I am so full
But yet
Not satisfied

Will I ever understand
My digestive disorder?

I don’t know

But I hope so….

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Photo 24 Oct 673 notes
Text 25 Sep 1 note My Duke appointment

First thing he said was “i see why drs scratch their heads at me”

… Stupid freaking Lynchburg didn’t even send my disc of procedures … So with my physical exam today plus blood work and once he sees those results, he’ll order the proper test he wants done.

" Im just disappointed that it wasn’t like Dr: i think its _______ so this is the procedure or meds i want to do"

it wasn’t an “i don’t know” or anything, just a wanting to investigate more. so I cant be too upset. 

Text 24 Sep 3 notes My appointment at Duke is tomorrow

i’m extremely nervous :/ and i gotta leave at 4am … 

gonna be loads of fun …

Text 5 Sep 1 note well of course …

My doctor called … and well it’s kinda funny to me, but she thinks my IBD isn’t the “original” illness I have. and i’m just well of course not, because nothing in my life is ever simple. 


the most awkward thing is i go to the bathroom at least 10 times (sometimes more) a day AND im gaining weight?! How the hell am I getting fatter when everything comes out of me within 20 mins of eating/drinking … 

I don’t get it … therefore i am really annoyed.

Text 4 Sep thanks muscle relaxers for giving me cotton mouth, i keep on drinking and that just sends me to the potty. never ending cycle.
Text 31 Aug 2 notes 1st day of work went great :) and all the Dr. found was spasms, mostly due from IBD, so now i get muscle relaxers
Text 27 Aug 1 note

please someone tell me how this makes sense: The Dr. thinks I have either A) a gallstone or something wrong there. B) A kidney stone. sooooo obviously I need an ultrasound/ CT scan to check it … well Radiology Consultants made my appt. for Sept. 4th!!!! i’m sitting here, in lots of pain and they want me to wait that long … of course I freaked out and they moved it to Friday, but still friday is a long time to wait when all they gave me is Tramadol … smh

Photo 26 Aug 9 notes

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