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Text 22 Nov 1 note my 1st Thanksgiving with IBD.

it’s very sad that it’s only 8am and i’m already over this day.

Thanksgiving is suppose to be happy/fun with family. well my only so called “family” left is from my step dads side … I already don’t like him, and now his horribly hick nasty family is here too. I never could imagine that it could get worse. where everyone sits on there fat butts, while my mom (who refuses for me to help with anything BUT the pies) slaves over the stove all day for these people, that even she doesn’t like. 

And if that’s not enough they think it’s funny to “race” me to the only bathroom in the house. and then tease me about getting there first, I swear if it happens one more time, I might end up in jail because I won’t be bullied by these nasty people. 

So therefore I guess I’ll lock myself in my room, watch the parade and scroll on here all day.

what a life. 

Text 13 Nov 4 notes

I am so full
And there is no more room
When I was first diagnosed with my Digestive Disorder
I admit
That so many times
I did push the limits
(And my digestive tract)  

I ate because…I was hungry
I ate because…it was a habit
I ate because…I couldn’t accept my illness

But now,
I am so full
But yet
Not satisfied

Will I ever understand
My digestive disorder?

I don’t know

But I hope so….

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Text 25 Sep 1 note My Duke appointment

First thing he said was “i see why drs scratch their heads at me”

… Stupid freaking Lynchburg didn’t even send my disc of procedures … So with my physical exam today plus blood work and once he sees those results, he’ll order the proper test he wants done.

" Im just disappointed that it wasn’t like Dr: i think its _______ so this is the procedure or meds i want to do"

it wasn’t an “i don’t know” or anything, just a wanting to investigate more. so I cant be too upset. 

Text 24 Sep 3 notes My appointment at Duke is tomorrow

i’m extremely nervous :/ and i gotta leave at 4am … 

gonna be loads of fun …

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I’ve honestly been having a very had time lately, i really just feel like giving up. I’m always the one to help cheer up someone, but when i need cheering up … where are all those people who said they’d be here????

Having IBD alone is a huge thing to deal with, but this month i’ve learned that 1) I have mono, that relapsed from a case of bronchitis 2) i’m slowing going blind in my left eye, thanks for the huge amounts of vitamin diff. i have 3) my GI “washed” his hands of me, and im suppose to be going to Duke … but i havent heard anything at all. 

i just … I just can’t do this alone anymore.

Text 12 Jul 6 notes

Just got 20 veils of blood taken, like a champ! :) 

i am having terrible cramping though, so other than that i am praying for more answers! 

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